Waste HUB

The waste management and control HUB; the waste posts either created by the waste generators or under execution by waste recyclers upon approved proposal submitted for each post by the waste recyclers.


Enviornmentally safe recycled products are promoted in DECYCLE shop for all users to buy.

Process Assessment

Evaluating the company\users processes and recommendation for all possible enhancements.


Increasing the awareness about the waste management also on how to use DECYCLD for that.

Welcome To Decycle

DECYCLE is UAE based company aims to increase resources efficiency and waste control.

DECYCLE was launched in 2022 to serve as waste lifecycle and management platform and to ease the communication between waste recycler and generators through easy tendering processes.

Our goal is promoting the the waste recycling and management to achieve the COP26 targets and create more environmentally sustainable planet for next generations as well as help in limiting the climate change and global warming effects and reduce the carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Latest Waste Posts

All osts are available in the Waste Hub to enable users to manage their wastes, proposals, collections and related billings

Plastic waste

October 13, 2022

Pickup Location: ( Abu Dhabi )

6 months post for plastic waste collection on monthly basis


Find out more about DECYCLE.

Waste managemnt platform to optimize the waste efiifciency through equal opportunity processes.
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mission & vision
our commitment
With DECYCLE waste management and recycling processes becomes easier, more professional, profitable and time efficient.

Save money

DECYCLE ensure more revenue for both waste generators and recyclers. In addition to saving more money usually associated to the waste management processes.

Quality of service

DECYCLE guarantee the best services whether waste, recycling process, waste collection and delivery qualities to all users.

Waste management Hub

Communication Hub for waste. The posts are posted by waste generators and awarded to waste recyclers. The more waste posts are posted the more business for waste recyclers and revenue to the waste generators

Environmentally sustainable planet

DECYCLE target is to have better future for next generation by achieving the enviorntally sustainbility goals by COP26, reducing carbon and greenhouse gas emissions, limit the global warming and climate changes effects finally better resources management and usage.

Decycle FZC – Waste Lifecycle and Management


Decycle as the first platform for waste management aims to bring together the waste generators and different technolgies by authroized recyclcing companies in one single, repeated and automated process.

Decycle FZC – Waste Lifecycle and Management


DECYCLE vision is to be the most contributor in reducing the waste from the world and promote using environmentally safe recycled products for more efficiency in resources usages and eventually to reach the ZERO waste targets.
DECYCLE and users enures the Data confidentiality for all users as per DECYCLE terms and conditions acknowledged during the sigining up
DECYCLE and users are committed to comply with the environmental laws of the country of operations as well as the quality of the services provided during the recycling processes.
DECYCLE guarantee secured payment options for all users.
, Decycle FZC – Waste Lifecycle and Management

Made Affordable

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