Our Services

DECYCLE provide several services to help users in their waste management processes, promoting recycled products, different processes optimization and evaluation and finally the training and increasing waste management awareness.

Our Services

waste hub

these waste programs will be created by all waste generator and ready for collection upon proposals submission by the WR
Our Services


recycled products will be posted and can be bought by any user
Our Services

Process assessment

Evaluation of company and user processes and enhancement recommendation by Decycle
Our Services


increasing awareness and how to use Decycle.

Waste Contracts

All contracts are available in the Waste Contracts Hub to enable users managing their wastes,
proposals, the collections and related billings

paper waste

January 17, 2024

Pickup Location: ( Abu Dhabi )

3 months contract for weekly paper waste collection


Plastic waste

January 17, 2024

Pickup Location: ( Abu Dhabi )

6 months post for plastic waste collection on monthly basis


A Leading waste lifecycle and management platform connecting the waste generators with waste recyclers in automated, secured processes.

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