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Recycler Related Questions

DECYCLE way of operation ensure the equal opportunity for every bid\proposal and every contract. All waste recyclers are allowed to bid on any contract posted by the waste generators and the waste generators evaluate the different bids to proceed with the award and execution.
Contract is type of tender that is posted by the waste generators with all needed information about the type and quantity of waste, frequency of collecting the waste and all relevant waste recyclers are allowed to bid on each contract and advise their own terms and conditions stating the quality of the waste to be collected otherwise it will be disqualified
DECYCLE ensure that all waste recyclers are complying with the country of operations rules and also that the wastes are processed and recycled according to the environmental laws. This can be done after several verification processes by DECYCLE to all waste recyclers
The products which can be obtained from the recycling process can later be posted on the DECYCLE shop so that all companies can start buying environmentally safe products which also will be cheaper.
To join DECYCLE follow the below link for more information Sign up
the more the wastes are clean and matches the mentioned criteria in the waste recycler proposal the more waste generator gets full amount money of the contract value.
This payment will be mainly for the purposes of facilitating the communication and interaction between different users. Also, DECYCLE helps users to achieve their environmental goals as well as getting more businesses and revenue for both the recyclers and generators in addition to that adding more environmentally safe ways to dispose the wastes which can be converted to products which will be promoted on DECYCLE shop.
So overall DECYCLE will help everyone to reach their goals as well as saving out planet
From contacts us users can always raise any issued and DECYCLE will take the needed action to remedy that fault
Yes, in DECYCLE we ensure following the terms and conditions of the country of operation. Our terms and conditions are listed here, and our registration number is
All user's data will be very well preserved and maintained for the communications purposes only. DECYCLE will not share your contacts and type of business or prices with any third parties or other internal of external parties that could get use of this private data. Same applies for every user in DECYCLE
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A Leading waste lifecycle and management platform connecting the waste generators with waste recyclers in automated, secured processes.

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