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Breaking Down Barriers: Overcoming Challenges to Recycling”

Recycling has become a pressing issue in the Middle East due to the increasing amount of waste generated by growing populations and urbanization. Despite efforts to promote recycling and waste reduction, there are several challenges that the region faces when it comes to recycling. Lack of Infrastructure: One of the…

Managing Waste for a Cleaner and Healthier Planet

The Middle East  is facing significant challenges when it comes to waste management. Rapid population growth, urbanization, and economic development have all contributed to an increase in waste generation in the region. However, there are several benefits to implementing effective waste management practices in the Middle East. Environmental Benefits: Effective…

The Waste Production Impact on Environment

Waste production has a significant impact on our environment. From overflowing landfills to plastic pollution in our oceans, the consequences of waste production are devastating. Waste management is an important aspect of sustainability and requires a collaborative effort from everyone to reduce its impact on our environment. The problem of…

Everything you need to know about recycled wool

Everything you need to know about recycled wool Wool is a natural fibre and textile made from the fleece of sheep. It’s used to manufacture a wide variety of products, from jumpers and socks to blankets, carpets and cushion covers. While wool offers many benefits like softness, warmth, water repellence,…

An Ocean of Possibility if We Allow for It

An Ocean of Possibility if We Allow for It Just over three years ago, industry leaders from companies including Clorox, Coca-Cola, Colgate-Palmolive and P&G boarded the Resolute for the Oceans Plastic Leadership Summit, an expedition out to one of the world’s five major ocean gyres, where currents trap a swirl…

When It Comes to Electronics and Batteries Recycling

COULD YOUR RECYCLING BE A FIRE HAZARD? Excited about your new smartphone purchase, you pull it out of the case and start setting up your new device. Your old phone – which has just been replaced by the new model – remains lying on the counter, ready to be discarded.…

What are three benefits of recycling?

WHAT ARE THREE BENEFITS OF RECYCLING? Most Americans believe strongly in the importance of recycling. Yet out of 37.4 million tons of materials that could be picked up in curbside recycling from American homes, 20 million tons are thrown in the trash. We can – and should – do better!…

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