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An Ocean of Possibility if We Allow for It

An Ocean of Possibility if We Allow for It Just over three years ago, industry leaders from companies including Clorox, Coca-Cola, Colgate-Palmolive and P&G boarded the Resolute for the Oceans Plastic Leadership Summit, an expedition out to one of the world’s five major ocean gyres, where currents trap a swirl…
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What are three benefits of recycling?

WHAT ARE THREE BENEFITS OF RECYCLING? Most Americans believe strongly in the importance of recycling. Yet out of 37.4 million tons of materials that could be picked up in curbside recycling from American homes, 20 million tons are thrown in the trash. We can – and should – do better!…
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5 Innovations for the Future of Coffee Cup Recycling

Unfortunately, paper coffee cup recycling is not widely available throughout North America yet. These single-use coffee cups are actually a huge problem for recycling contamination. There are many contributing factors to the reality that they aren’t usually accepted for recycling, but the fact that they are lined with plastic is…

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